We live in an era where the importance of innovation and technological change for economic development and social welfare is well understood. Acceleration of the Schumpeterian creative destruction process and the particular directions it has taken recently, influence convergence opportunities of nations and redistribution dynamics among social groups within nations. Together with the ongoing process of economic globalization and increased interdependence among nations selection, access, utilization and absorption of emerging new technologies become of utmost importance for both developed and developing nations.

In such an era activities of design, formulation, implementation and evaluation of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policies are of vital importance for seizing the catch up opportunities currently offered to emerging economies. METU-TEKPOL M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in science technology policy studies aim at providing students with the notions, tools and methods required to analyze issues related to STI policies and conduct policy-relevant research. After completing the program the students can work in academia, in government organizations responsible for the making and implementation of STI policies and can act as practitioners in NGOs in the field of STI.