Ph.D. Must Courses


STPS 601

Innovation Technology and Economic Development

STPS 602

Technology and Industrial Strategy

STPS 605

Research Methods, Analytical Techniques and Ethics

M.Sc. Must Courses


STPS 503

Economics of Science, Technology and Innovation

STPS 505

Knowledge, Science and Technology in the Information Age

STPS 507

Research Methods and Ethics in Science and Technology Studies

Elective Courses


Departmental elective courses that both Ph.D and M.Sc. students can take

STPS 501

History of Science and Technology

STPS 510

Systems of Innovation

STPS 512

Technological Change in Developing Countries

STPS 514

Agent Based Simulation Models in Economics of Technological Change

STPS 515

Innovation Policy and Governance: Trends and Challenges

STPS 516

Science and Technology Places

STPS 519

R&D Policies and Evaluation Methods

STPS 517

Innovation and SMEs

STPS 521

Technology and Work Organization

STPS 522

Technology and Corporate Strategy

STPS 524

ICT: Socioeconomic and Regulatory Issues

STPS 526

Technological Change and the Labor Process

STPS 531

Intellectual Property Rights and Regulation

STPS 532

Intellectual Property Rights and Regulation II

STPS 543

Recent Trends in Science and Technology Policy Making

STPS 545

Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Innovation Systems

STPS 547

Introduction to Information Network Security

STPS 548

Managing Information Technology: Policies And Standards

STPS 549

IT Governance

STPS 550

New Economy: Impacts and Applications

STPS 551

Technology and Social Theory

STPS 552

Globalization and Technology Management

STPS 553

Technology, Globalization and Labor

STPS 554

Management of Technological Innovation

STPS 555

Research Commercialization and Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship

STPS 557

Qualitative Research Methods in Science and Technology Studies

STPS 558


STPS 560

Seminar in New Technologies

STPS 590 

Social Science Aspects of Innovation

STPS 603

Technology Society and Culture

STPS 611

Topics in Applied Econometrics I

STPS 612

Topics in Applied Econometrics II

ECON 451

Industrial Economics

ECON 454

Economics of Regulation and Antitrust

ECON 642

Technology, Growth and Development

ECON 644

National Systems of Innovation

ARCH 517

Principles of Universal Design



Non- departmental elective courses that both Ph.D and M.Sc. students can take 

EE 710

Electricity Trading

BA 4111

Managing Technology and Innovation

PHIL 522

Studies in History of Science II

PHIL 516

Philosophy of Technology II

PHIL 515

Philosophy of Technology

ADM 570

Political Economy of Communication

RP 534

Changing Economic and Political Structure

SOC 442

Sociology of Science and Technology

SOC 643

Advanced Issues in the Sociology of Knowledge

ARC 715

Principles of Universal Design

ECON 480

World Economy

IS 785 Social Network Analysis
RP 532 Methods of Regional Analysis
ADM 5258 Advances in Organisational Theory
IE 481 Industrial Networks and Clusters
BA 5516 Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning