Completed PhD Theses



ASLAN, Murat “The Capabilty Contribution of Main Defense Industry Firms to Their Suppliers: A Dynamic Capabilities View” (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serhat Çakır)


DOĞAN, Muhsin “Emergence of Research And Innovation Activities in The Chemical Industry at The Beginning of The Twentieth Century: The Case of IG Farben and Du Pont (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. İ. Semih AKÇOMAK)


BURHAN, Mukaddes “Impact Assessment of Vision 2023 Technology Foresight in Defense Sector” (Advisor: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Serhat Çakır)


Erden, Yelda. “A Policy Design Model for Market Formation of Solar and Wind Electricity Generation in Turkey”  (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Erkan ERDİL)

UTKU İSMİHAN, Fatma, Muazzez. “Essays on the Impact of Knowledge on Economic Growth”  (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Teoman PAMUKÇU)


Pehlivan, Nilgün. “Turkish Olive and Olive Oil Sectoral Innovation System: A Functional - Structural Analysis”  (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Erkan ERDİL).

Seçkin, Başar. “Firm Level Absorptive Capacity and the Success of International Technology Transfer: The Case of Aerospace Industry in Turkey” (Advisor: Prof. Dr. İrem Dikmen TOKER)

Yurtseven, Alperen. E.  “Sources and determinants of intra-industry heterogeneity in the innovation process” (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Teoman PAMUKÇU)


ÇETİNKAYA, Umut Yılmaz “European Union Innovativeness From the Perspective of Systems of Innovation and Complex Systems” (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Erkan ERDİL)

EMİROĞLU, Ali Ulaş “State-Led Catch-Up: Chinese Telecom Equipment Industry” (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Erkan ERDİL) 

TAŞDEMİR, Babacan “ (The) Concept of ‘Information Society’ as the Basis of EU’s ‘New’ Media Policy: A Critical Appraisal” (Advisor: Prof.Dr. A. Raşit KAYA)

BÜRKEN, Serkan “ Technology Development in Turkish Automotive Industry: A Case of Middle Technology Trap” (Advisor: Assist. Prof. Dr. İ.Semih AKÇOMAK)  

TEKNECİ, Pelin Deniz “Evaluating Research Performance of Turkish Universities” (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Erol TAYMAZ)


SATIK, Erdoğdu “Financialization, Information Commodities, Modularity, Nearly-Decomposable, Real Options” (Advisor: Prof.Dr. Erkan ERDİL)

FINDIK, Derya “ICT Adoption, Firm Resources, Software Investment, Firm Efficiency” (Advisor: Prof.Dr. Aysıt TANSEL)

GÜLER, Hüseyin “EU Framework Programmes, International R&D Networks, Local Buzz–Global Pipelines, Knowledge Flows, Information and Communication Technologies” (Advisor: Prof.Dr.Erkan ERDİL)

GÜRSOY, Serkan “Social Capital, Information and Communication Technologies, Social Media” (Advisor: Prof.Dr. Erkan ERDİL) 


KALAYCI, Elif " Analyzing The Determinants of R&D, Its Impact On Productivity And Effıciency of Firms in the Turkish Manufacturing Industry“ (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Teoman Pamukçu)



TANDOĞAN, Vedat Sinan “Impact analysis of Industrial Research and Development Subsidy Programs in Turkey: An Appraisal of Quantitative Approaches”  (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teoman Pamukçu)

BEYHAN-BOZKIRLIOĞLU, Berna “Who Interacts with Whom? Individual and Organizational Aspects of University-Industry Relations in Nanotechnology. The Turkish Case” (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Teoman Pamukçu)