The 20th anniversary forum titled "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow of Technology" was held in collaboration with METU TEKPOL and TTGV on 8 November 2018 at METU Faculty of Architecture Auditorium. The Forum focused on the practices of technology and knowledge production and its reflections on society. The transformation of university and industry cooperation as well as the transformation of technology and knowledge-producing practices was discussed and some projections were made for the future. Cengiz Ultav, Prof. Dr. Dirk Meissner and Professor. Dr. Erkan Erdil participated in the forum as speakers.


Cengiz Ultav, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey(TTGV), and Executive Board Member of Vestel Ventures.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Meissner, Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge / Department of Educational Programmes, Deputy Head of Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge / Laboratory for Economics of Innovation, Programme Academic Supervisor of Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Prof. Dr. Erkan Erdil, Middle East Technical University | METU · TEKPOL Research Center - Science and Technology Policy Studies and Department of Economics.