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YİĞİT, Muhammed Ali. "Determination of program management methods and practices to be applied in the national combat aircraft development (tfx) program by using the experience from the f-35 joint strike fighter (jsf) program" (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Teoman Pamukçu)

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KÜRKÇÜ, Esin Aytaç. "Examination of Lean Production with Regards to Occupational Health and Safety: A Case Study in an Automotive Plant" (Advisor: Dr. Burçak Özoğlu Poçan)

ÖZDEMİR TUNCER, Elif. "Patents and Innovation in Pharmaceutical Industry in Turkey: The Comparison of Patent System with Some Selected Countries" (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erkan Erdil)

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ÜZELGÜN, Mehmet Ali. "Expert Discourse on Turkish Climate Policy" (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Helga Rittersberger Tılıç)


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GÖK, Abdullah "The Concept of Behavioural Additionality of Public Support for Private R&D and a Methodological Proposal for an Evaluation Framework in Turkey" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Haluk Geray)

GÖZÜKELEŞ, İbrahim İzlem "Free and Open Source Software in Turkey" (Advisor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Belkız Tarhan)

KAVAS, Nihan (Dülger) "Interfirm relations and innovative capacity in Adana organized industry zone : a case study on textile firms" (Advisor: Assoc.Prof. Dr. Erkan Erdil)

ORCAN, Serkan "Reseach and education networks within the context of innovation systems : the case of ULAKNET in Turkey" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Haluk Geray)

ORHAN, Berfu "Critical Success Factors in Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation: Case Studies of Turkish Companies Which Use Oracle ERP Software" (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tayyar D. Şen)

ÖZALP Didem, "Small and medium-sized enterpises and banking sector in Turkey" (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erol Sayın)

SÖZER, Fehime Şebnem "The contribution of intellectual property rights obtained by small and medium-sized enterprises to economic and technological development: policies to be implemented" (Advisor: Dr. Uğur Yalçıner)

TAŞKIN, Ekin "ICT Utilization of Exporter Enterprises A Case Study of Aegean Region Exporters" (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erkan Erdil)

UĞURBAŞ, Suat Hayri "Evaluation of an electronic medical record system: Zonguldak Karaelmas University Hospital survey" (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erkan Erdil)


BÜKÜLMEZ, Evren "Technological Change and Metrology Services: Medical Metrology and its Effects on Society" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Erol Taymaz)

GÖKSİDAN, Hadi Tolga "Inter-Organizational Relations in an Organized Industrial District: Ostim Case" (Advisor: Ass.Prof. Dr. Erkan Erdil)

UZUNER, Demet "An interdisciplinary approach in understanding internet as a practice : A case study of internet cafes in a small town" (Advisor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Belkız Ayhan Tarhan)


AKTALAY, Banu "Intellectual property management strategy in new technology-based start-up companies" (Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Erkan Erdil)

BOZKIRLIOĞLU, Ali "Cluster potential in industrial sectors in Samsun : Kutlukent furniture cluster study" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Metin Durgut)

FURAT, Mina "Deregulation in telecommunications sectors of Mexico and Turkey" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Haluk Geray)

GÜRKAN, Ceyhun "Institutional Economic Approaches to Technology" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Eyüp Özveren)

KENAROĞLU, Bahar "Enterprise resource planning systems selection process" (Advisor: Ass.Prof. Dr. Erkan Erdil)

ÖZAYGEN, Altay Ş. "Diffusion of free and open source software as innovation : a case study of METU" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Haluk Geray)

ÜNER, Özge "A study on social and affective dimensions of the use of assisted reproduction technology (art) by women in Turkey" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Bahattin Akşit)

TUNCER, Şeniz "Project management and use of information technology for project communication management in Turkish electronic sector" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Erkan Erdil)

YAZAN, Abdurrahman Mete "Military innovation critical and dual use technologies" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Metin Durgut)


ABAY, Tezcan Eralp "New global governance regime on ICTS and its effects on turkish telecommunications industry a case study on Alcatel-Teletaş" (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haluk Geray)

ÇATAK, Melek "Investigation of effects of school type, gender and grade level on students' attitudies toward technology" (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Safure Bulut)

DELİ, Fatma "A technostructure proposal for online delivery of stps graduate program" (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erol Sayın)

GENÇAY, Mehmet "The determinants of international competitiveness: the case of Turkish manifacturing sector" (Advisor: Ass. Prof. Dr. Erkan Erdil)

GÜRSOY, Serkan "Information technology, workplace organization and the case of Şişecam" (Advisor: Ass.Prof. Dr. Erkan Erdil)

KESKİN, Ekin "Information technology: analysis of its effects in selected Turkish companies" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Nesim Erkip)

TEZEL, Nezahat "Policy implications in the 'learning economy' a study on learning process model of Aselsan" (Advisor: Ass. Prof. Dr. Erkan Erdil)

YEŞİLTAŞ, Yalın "Development of an intelligent tutoring system for distance education at master's level" (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ferda Nur Alpaslan)

YUMURTACI, Egemen Nilüfer "Social political discourse of the surveillance society" (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Okyayuz)


AKDOĞAN, Kurmaş "R & D and Finance: An Empirical Study on Turkish Manufacturing Firms" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Erol Taymaz)

ALPARSLAN, Oğuzhan "Research Networks: The Case of Turkish Innovator" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Erol Taymaz)

DURMAZ, Güçlü Tolga "A Case Based Comparative Evaluation of Internet Adoption of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Turkey" (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erol Sayın)

ERTEN NAR, Ayşen "The Analysis of Research and Development Structure of Turkish Mining Sector" (Advisor: Asist. Prof. Dr. Erkan Erdil)

GÖKTEPE, Devrim "Triple Helix Model and the Israeli Magnet Program: A Comparative Approach to National Innovation Programs With Implications For Turkey" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Metin Durgut)

GÜNDÜZ, Yalın "Analysis of the Effects of Research and Development Expenditures on Stock Prices: The Turkish Case" (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sibel Güven; Co Advisor: Prof. Dr. Nesim Erkip)

HOŞADAM, Haydar Sinan "The Case of the "White-Collar" in the Actuality of the "New-Economy" in Turkey" ( Advisor: Prof. Dr. Hasan Ünal Nalbantoğlu)

TEK, Özgür "Production of an Electronic Environment Cyberspace as a Difference" (Advisor: Prof Dr. Ahmet İnam; Co-Advisor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Kenneth Barr)

ÖZMEN ERTEN, Işık "Technology foresight: The experience of USA, Japan and UK" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Erol Taymaz)


CILGA, Volkan "Utilization of information systems and technologies in foodservive sector" (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erol Sayın)

DURGUN, Serdar M. "System dynamics approach for technology improvement policy analysis: the case of Turkey" (Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erol Sayın)

HOŞGÖR, Evren A. "The Role of information and communication technologies on community organisation: the case of 1999 Kocaeli earthquake" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Raşit Kaya)

GÜVENÇ, Sanem "Interdisciplinary practices in Turkish universities: a case study on the study of the graduate programs in social sciences" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Hasan Ünal Nalbantoğlu)

KEPENEK, Emek Barış "How does technological changes affect Turkish trade unions" (Advisor: Ass. Prof.Dr. Erkan Erdil)

ONGAN, Meltem Gülenay "The Effects of electronic commerce and information technologies in OECD countries" (Advisor: Ass. Prof.Dr. Erkan Erdil)

YILMAZ, Ayşegül "Regional innovation sytems: literature review and the picture for Turkey" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Metin Durgut)


BERKMEN, Pelin "A cross country empirical analysis of the technology intensive trade with a special emphasis on Turkey" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Yakup Kepenek)

ÇELİK, Ayşegül "Technical change and efficiency in Turkish thermal power plants (1983-1996)" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Erol Taymaz)

KURT, Aygen Sibel "An introduction to technology foresight: the case of United Kingdom" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Metin Durgut)

OĞUZ, Eser Deniz "A proposal for an electronic commerce model for Turkey-organisational approach" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Nesim Erkip and Co-Advisor: Prof. Dr. Murat Aşkar)


DÖNMEZ, Ferda "The role of high technology using sectors in promoting the export performance of Turkey" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Yakup Kepenek)

ELÇİ, Şirin "Innovation management in Turkish industrial companies" (Advisor: Prof Dr. Nesim ERKİP and Co-advisor: Prof. Dr. Erol Taymaz)

TUTAN, Mehmet Ufuk "Technological learning: special emphasis to firms" (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Yakup Kepenek)