STPS 517

Innovation and SMEs

Course Syllabus for 2010-2011 I. Semester

Course Objectives:

- Innovation determinants for SMEs.
- Realizing the importance of competitiveness for SMEs and regional development.
- Innovation capacity and abilities of SMEs.
- Design and R&D activities.
- Learning, Knowledge Transfer and Absorption Capacity for innovation.
- Institutional Capacity for SMEs.
- The role of government and universities for developing industry?s competitiveness.
- The role of EU within innovation capacity and competitiveness.
- Success stories from the world.

Course Facilitates for Students:

a) Class Participation
Students are expected for full participation to all activities of the course. They are responsible to follow and understand for sections on the text and course materials and all lecture content unless specified otherwise by the instructor. In case of missing a class, he/se is responsible to achieve materials and all contents discussed or presented.

b) Session Papers and Class representations
Session papers and class presentation are general assignments for all students. An anotation of the papers will be submitted according the general list presented by instructor. It is by these papers aimed that students will have an opportunity to have a practical understanding through collaboration theory and knowledge-experience in the field and of course to share his/her new understanding and get feedbacks through class presentations.

c) Examinations
During the course, one midterm exam and one final exam will be applied. The midterm will be as take-home examination. The dates for exam will be announced later.

Course Outline:

Week 1: - Introduction to course content - Planning for Class Presentations and Session Papers

Week 2: - Why SMEs, relations, cooperation, innovation and competitiveness.

Week 3: Innovative Capacity of SMEs and Country Competitiveness.

Week 4: Relations and Innovation (Cooperation for Innovation)

Week 5: Learning, Knowledge Transfer and Absorption Capacity (Institutional Capacity)

Week 6: Entrepreneurship and Financing Options/Structures for Innovation.

Week 7: Innovation and Marketing (Marketing Strategies of SMEs).

Week 8: Innovative infrastructures for SMEs: Industry&University Cooperation.

Week 9: Midterm Examination

Week 10: Regional Innovation Systems

Week 11: Innovation Policies and SMEs Competitiveness within Asia Countries (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan).

Week 12: Innovation Policies and SMEs Competitiveness within EU.

Week 13: Innovation Policy Framework of Turkey

Week 14: Submission of session group papers and short presentations

Week 15: Final Examination

Grading: Session Group Papers 20 points Class Presentation 20 points Class Participation 15 points Take-Home Exam 20 points Final Exam 25 points