ICT RTD Technological Audit-Turkey

Project Title :

ICT RTD Technological Audit Project-Turkey

Contractors :

European Commission, Directorate General Information Society and Media (DGInfSo) and METU-TEKPOL, Middle East Technical University Science and Technology Policies Research Center

Funded by :

European Commission, Directorate General Information Society and Media (DGInfSo)

Project Leader:

Associate Prof. Erkan Erdil- Chairman-METU Science and Technology Policies Research Center (TEKPOL) and Graduate Program, Department of Economics

Project Team :

Prof. Dr. Haluk Geray, PhDc.Serdar Turkeli, PhDc. H.Tolga Goksidan, PhDc. Yelda Erden

Time Span :

June, 2009- March, 2011

Summary of the Project :


A lack of information about ICT RTD competencies has been identified particularly in the New Member States (NMS) and Associated Countries where competencies are not systematically gathered or are not sufficiently known. As a consequence, consortia for research projects have mainly been built from partners that have already been active in previous projects while the ICT research and innovative potential in NMS and Associated Countries was often neglected. Thus, this Technological Audit Study on research capabilities in ICT is acting to ensure that this hidden potential is released for the construction of an all inclusive and geographically balanced ERA in ICT research area.

The ultimate aim of this project is to explore ICT research capabilities in Turkey to support full integration of Turkish researchers into ICT networks of FP-active EU organizations and enable them to participate in the project proposals within the context of FP7 ICT Theme.

The key objectives of this project can be listed as follows:

- To review and analysis of the ICT RTD policy environment in order to determine potentials, opportunities and barriers.

- To evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the current ICT RTD policy framework

- To create awareness of potential and opportunities for efficient and proper utilization of available resources

- To map of current status of ICT RTD activities identifying the centers of excellence and centers with development potential per FP7 - ICT Theme Challenge and Objective

- To evaluate the core technological capabilities of the ICT RTD community in terms of both research infrastructure and human capital

- To identify roadmaps in order to overcome the obstacles and barriers which have been explored previously

- To contribute to the ICT oriented actions of Turkey in FP7 and enhancing the participation level of Turkish researchers from both public and private sector to FP7 ICT Theme.

- To enhance integration of Turkish Research Area (TRA) to ERA in ICT field.

For achieving these objectives, seven tasks were completed during this auditing project period. In each task, a report was prepared. Then all task reports are united in Task 8 Detailed Report. The public version of the conclusion report is prepared due to the fact that the raw data to be analyzed is provided by the European Commission on a confidential basis. Therefore, this public version of the detailed conclusion report is prepared electronically suitable for publication, paying attention to all confidentiality rules and is available in the link below.

Main Outputs/ Findings :

- Legal and Policy Framework Conditions for ICT RTD in Turkey

- Performance Analysis based on Patent & Publication and FP Participation

- ICT RTD Infrastructure in Turkey

- Competence / Share Matrix for Turkish ICT RTD Performance

- Major Centers of Excellence

- Potential Centers of Excellence

- Data derived from Face-to-Face Live Interviews

- SWOT Meeting Results

- Delphi Analysis Results

- Main Barriers for Participation to FP ICT Theme

- Brief Policy Network Analysis

- Policy Recommendations at National, EU and Stakeholder Level

Key Words :

ICT, Technological Audit, Turkey, Framework Programs, Bibliometrics, Live Interviews, Delphi, SWOT

Public Report :

Available here